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Experience is not something that can be taught. It is something we have gathered over the years by our involvement in commercial and government contracts throughout North and South America. It is the result of working with some of the country’s largest corporations and government entities, personal interactions, and learned skills. Gray Sourcing was built from 25 years of experience in the IT and Science industries. We know the importance of planning and executing projects, the art of timing, and the skills needed to staff positions in all sectors of these industries.


Our management style is proactive and preventive, rather than reactive. Each new project is organized and managed with attention to the requirement and expectations, as well as an understanding of the unique qualities and organizational culture of each client.

Throughout every task we maintain open communication, a reassuring calm, problem solving at the first sign of an issue and sometimes a necessary sense of humor.


The Telecommunications, IT and Science industries rely on exact processes, but must be agile to adjust to unexpected variances. Gray Sourcing is no different. We are small enough to bend and shift with a project, modify a job description to meet a new requirement, or work with a manager to analyze a trend in the project. We can scale up with a project and scale down quickly if the scope changes. This flexibility helps contain costs and reduces your involvement in coordinating the project. Gray Sourcing has the ability to staff and coordinate tasks associated with an assignment.


Gray Sourcing is a staffing and project management company created by Michelle Gray. Gray Sourcing is a certified Minority, Woman Owned, California Corporation. Michelle has owned and managed companies in the United States and Latin America over the past 25 years. What started as a computer repair shop quickly grew into a computer and telecommunications corporation providing cabling, network administration and software development. Over the years, Michelle became involved with work for naval research. Fascinated by the science world and her ability to staff for research assistants and biostatisticians, Michelle started Gray Sourcing to combine her experiences into a company that would support dynamic science and technology projects around the world.


It starts with the owner.

“Over the years I have found myself in conversation with customers and friends in Argentina, Canada, India, London, Germany or some far away part of the United States. The intrigue of having something in common with someone in a different time zone, from a different culture, with a different history than my own has inspired me to always be a part of a bigger community. To touch lives and learn from those in a world other than my own; so I volunteer, I participate, I fundraise, and I donate to organizations that are changing and improving lives across the planet. Gray Sourcing supports community based projects in San Diego, as well as nationally and internationally focused organizations.”

Michelle Gray


“We do not inherit the earth from our ancestors, we borrow it from our children.”

We have created an eco-friendly office through recycling and incorporating paperless as much as possible. Gray Sourcing recycles all office supplies, purchases recycled products, recycles printer cartridges, shreds and recycles old documents, recycles electronics, promotes the use of ceramic cups rather than individual water bottles, requests paperless statements, uses on-line payment options, and communicates via the internet when appropriate. This also involves turning off lights in unused office areas and unplugging unused equipment.